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Our creative approach can be broken down into four distinct phases.

1.    Phase One consists of executing the brief by delivering a range of three or more ‘umbrella’ brand ideas to bring the proposition to life through a concept rooted in the brand’s realities and its distinct personality. These concepts would be designed to clearly differentiate the brand from its competitors, providing the flexibility to adapt to all media channels both on and offline and to evolve with the brand as it evolves over time.
2.    Once these concepts have been presented and reviewed by the client, Phase Two consists of refining and developing the chosen route in line with client feedback.
3.    Given client approval of the chosen route, we would then proceed to ‘roll out’ this route across the requisite range of deliverables both online and off. This typically involves developing copy/content and artwork for each of these deliverables and compiling a library of assets that can be deployed as and when required.
4.    Lastly, in the final phase, we would typically produce a ‘brand guidelines’ document to ensure continuity of both tone of voice and visual identity to maintain the distinctive character of the brand for both the short and the longer term.